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44 Key RGB Controller for LED Strips

44 Key RGB Controller for LED Strips

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DC 12V 44 Key IR Remote Controller For The LED RGB

Works with: 5050 3258 Strip Light and other LED products. To use this product you will need an AC-DC adapter to power it in your home or a 12V power connector that is not included but you can choose above and buy with it for extra. See drop down menu above.

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44 Key IR Remote Controller
● Connection mode: Common Anode(+)
● Input: 12V
● Output: 12V
● Max load current: 2A each color
● Working Temperature: -20°C-60°C
● Control box dimension: 50mm x34mm x22mm
● Remote controller dimension: 124mm x 56mm x 6mm
● Remote controller battery 3V: 1 x CR2025






Static red

Static Green

Static Blue

Static white

Static orange

Static light green

Static Dark blue

Milk white

Static Dark yellow

Static Cyan

Static light blue

White pink

Static Yellow

Static Light blue

Static Purple


Static light yellow

Static Sky blue

Static Brown


Increase Red

Increase Green

Increase Blue

Speed Up

Decrease Red

Decrease Green

Decrease Blue

Speed Down

DIY Key 1

DIY Key 2

DIY Key 3

Automatice Change

DIY Key 4

DIY Key 5

DIY Key 6

Flash on and off

3 color jump change

7 color jump change

3 color Fade change

7 color Fade change




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