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This cabinet option allows for plug-and-play installation and no-hassle service calls.  The front of the sign hinges upward so that all components can be easily accessed and any issues are quickly and accurately diagnosed.  Eliminate tedious maintenance or repairs with this universally appropriate cabinet option.  Standard cabinet comes with two-inch, matte-black retainer.  Special orders are available without retainer.

Front service                    Rear Service

Typically used in larger sign applications, this cabinet option allows the user to combine multiple smaller cabinets to create a seamless display.        The flexibility in installation, shipping, and fabrication afforded by this cabinet design is well regarded in the billboard industry and with certain on-premise sign applications.

Every next LED Digital Sign is constructed with .125” Aluminum, with ionized paint inside and out. While the components are similar in every LED Digital Sign, the sign can be constructed using either of two basic cabinet options.  Sign companies, installers, and end-users prefer the choice in cabinet structure as it allows for greater flexibility.  Whether it’s the easy to service and install front service cabinet for a smaller commercial sign, or rear-service cabinets for a digital billboard, there is a Flex Series product to fit your project.
Red zone                           Avant
LED products go beyond commercial signs and digital billboards. The power of LED Displays are now being put to work in maximizing the experience for viewers of live events. Teams are using perimeter signage to super-charge their game experience and advertising opportunities, and our development of high-definition interior products is taking visual display to the next level in performing-arts venues, auditoriums and arenas around the world.

The portable Red Zone cabinet has a padded perimeter for safety.  Each unit is roughly 3 ½’ x 5’ and comes with easy to use side-locks allowing the flexibility to create a complete display that’s as long
as desired. It’s not just for sporting events; use it to communicate messages in school, at stage shows, or community events.

Create stunning visual displays with these thin and light-weight panels. The crystal-clear picture is ideal for indoor spectaculars, stage performances, or semi-permanent installations.  Our die-cast aluminum casing and innovative connector design help create a seamless image mosaic.