LED V-Shape 6ft T8 Fixture Cooler Light

LED V-Shape 6ft T8 Fixture Cooler Light

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T8 40W 6Ft (72”) LED V Shape tube is an all-in-one product that includes fixture frame, ballast, and LED.

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  • Product Info

    40W size 6FT (72”) LED Cooler light is a replacement bulb for traditional high power consuming fluorescent tube with equivalent light output. 6ft LED cooler light consuming only 40 Watts of power while providing up to 5200 lumens.  This tube contains no mercury and is in accordance with CE and RoHS testing standards in addition to being ETL certified.   220° beam angle.  

  • Features

    • Save electricity bill, save energy and reduce maintenance costs. 40W LED Cooler Light replaces 140W Fluorescent.
    • No ballast and starter required. No more buzzing sound. Easy Installation.
    • Eco-Friendly. No UV or mercury.
    • Rated at 50,000 hour life span.
  • Operates

    • Commercial Complexes
    • Refrigerator Lights
    • Cooler / Freezer
    • New Construction
    • Hotel LED Lighting
    • Hospitals/Schools/Residential