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20 Pack 60W 8ft T8 Integrated LED Tube Light, 6000K, 7200Lumens, 100-277 Volt

20 Pack 60W 8ft T8 Integrated LED Tube Light, 6000K, 7200Lumens, 100-277 Volt

SKU: 556754564
  • A high-quality product - Enable a bright and luminous indoor space with a durable T8 8ft LED tube light that contains 6900 Lumens power and has a lifespan of about 50,000 hours.
  • Eligible for wide application - Suitable for indoor lighting, use these T8 led bulbs 8 foot in homes, offices, departmental stores, etcetera. With a 180 degrees beam angle, the light will evenly brighten your desired location.
  • A suitable lighting option - A 60 Watt 8ft LED bulb that is ideal for both commercial and residential use. In addition, its 6000K color temperature makes this product ideal for dispersing a daylight white light.
  • Power savings fixture - The fixture does not take more time to pass the current during switch on, and it comes with a wattage equivalent of 160 Watts, this 8ft LED tube is ideal from a power savings standpoint.
  • No ballast fixture - Remove the ballast from the fixture while installing these LED tube lights. This light works without a ballast. So, place it directly into the framework.
  • Product Info

    T8 60W 8Ft (96”) LED Integrated tube is an all-in-one product that includes fixture frame, ballast, and LED.  It is an replacement for traditional 160 Watt fluorescent tube with equivalent light output.  Consuming only 60 Watts of power while providing up to 7,200 lumens.  This tube contains no mercury and is in accordance with CE and RoHS testing standards in addition to being ETL certified.  120° beam angle.  

  • Features

    • UL Listed
    • 5 Years Warranty
    • Save electricity bill, save energy and reduce maintenance costs. 60W LED Tube Light replaces 160W fluorescent tube light.
    • No ballast and starter required. No more buzzing sound. Easy Installation.
    • No Fixture required. No more spending extra on fixture.
    • Eco-Friendly. No UV or mercury.
    • Rated at 50,000 hour life span.
  • Operates

    • Commercial Complexes
    • New Construction
    • Retail and commercial applications
    • Back lighting and signage
    • Conference Room Lighting
    • Offices, Meeting Rooms
    • Hotel LED Lighting
    • Hospitals/Schools/Residential
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