LED Parking Lot Light - 240W 100-277V - 30,000 Lumens

LED Parking Lot Light - 240W 100-277V - 30,000 Lumens

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240W LED Shoebox DLC light with Adjustable Pole-Mounting housing is a great money-saving solution to illuminate outdoor area and roadway using only the highest quality components.

  • Product Description

    Perfect for parking lots, roadways, car dealerships, campuses, parks, and as a replacement for street lights and vapor lamps—this LED shoebox area light shines brightly when reliability and performance are critical. The parking lot light emits 30,000 lumens of cool and natural white illumination. This powerful, energy-efficient LED area light uses just 240 watts of power—comparable to a 1,000-watt HID fixture. And with a life expectancy that's 3 times as long as MH fixtures—the LED light reduces costly repairs and the need for replacements. The weatherproof die cast aluminum housing guards against damage done by harsh or wet weather conditions, and a removable cover allows for easy access to the driver and mounting arm hardware. This LED area light is designed to slip-fit onto a round pole or can be used with one of several mounting options on the sides of round or square poles. This LED area light is equipped with a constant-current driver and operates within a wide 100-277 VAC range.

  • Features

    ● UL & DLC certified

    ● Dimmable

    ● IP65 driver & IP65 housing, input voltage AC100-277V

    ● 30,000 Lumens

    ● 5 Years Warranty

    ● No UV or IR in the beam

    ● Easy to install and adjustable pole-mounted

    ● Energy saving, long service life.

    Housing: Heavy gauge die formed aluminum.

    ● Light is soft and uniform, safe to eyes

    ● Instant start, NO flickering, NO humming

    ● Green and eco-friendly without mercury

  • Uses at

    • Parking lots
    • Roadways
    • Car dealerships
    • Stadiums
    • Outdoor sports areas
    • Campuses and parks
    • Commercial complexes
    • New constructions